Posted by: "Per Ardua Ad Astra" | November 23, 2010

Leaving Melbourne

By Sarah-Mae Thomas

Dear Friends,
I have just left Melbourne for my internship. I will be starting on Monday(29th Nov) in Kuala Lumpur. Please look out for some insights then. Also After Christmas, I will be in Geneva and will be blogging about my experience at the United Nations for the CEDAW committee meeting. Meanwhile I would encourage all of you to check out UNIFEM chapters in your home countries. They do some awesome work and you can read up about specific issues depending on the regions. I am rather overwhelmed as I have just been given hundreds of pages to read about IWRAW’s global initiatives around the world. I will be involved in the Global to Local initiative. This year they have been very involved in the Middle East and African regions. Still in awe at the amount of work the organisation spearheads in the field of women’s rights and development, particularly in post conflict situations. One of the latest issues is the issue of displaced Burmese women living in Thailand. Also on that note- pretty awesome news about Suu Kyi being released. Hope that true democracy can be instated to Myanmar.



  1. Why are all the interns women?

    • The make up of our cohort of interns changes from year to year – for example, the 2010 interns comprised four men and for women (see here for details:

      Usually, however, we do have more female interns simply because we have more female applicants. For example, just on 80% of the applicants for the 2011 Global Internship Program were women. There were a number of very strong male applicants, but they were just edged out by the 10 interns selected.

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