Posted by: hesterkelly1987 | December 2, 2010

Hot and Sweaty in Africa

Well after 2 crazy weeks at the Human Rights Advocacy Centre , I feel like I am finally finding my feet.  From day one I was thrown in to the action here, doing various things like interviewing Liberian refugees, working on Female Sex Worker projects and also began to work on the Right to Health in Ghana for a United Nations report due next year. I also had to write a legal opinion on the Labour Act!Meanwhile ,I have been battling poor internet connections , the daily power outage and living in a sub-par guesthouse. But, as I keep telling myself, it is all part of the experience!


  1. Hey Hester!
    Seriously good on you! i know the heat in accra can make your rather light headed and at times faint. trust me YOU EVENTUALLY GET USED TO IT*) It took me 1 week to feel normal and 2 weeks to understand how everything works! where are you staying? do you have plans for a better place? make sure you try fufu and banku! try and visit a local church sometime- there is a nice one in OSU- its such an experience to hear the Ghananians sing!! Also, if you don’t have running water to wash your hair(happened to me several times) you should go into any salon there and get a head wash for 3 cedes. Its so worth it. take care

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