Posted by: "Per Ardua Ad Astra" | December 2, 2010

Meeting the Founder of IWRAW


And so most of the week has gone past like a blur. So much has happened yet I still feel there is so much for me to learn. I have been spending my days reading the state reports of the 7 countries which are reporting at the upcoming 48th CEDAW session. Sri Lanka, Liechstenstein, Israel, Bangladesh, Belarus, Kenya and South Africa are all reporting in January. Each country has about 2-4 NGOs who have come together to write Shadow reports. A state report can be up to 200 pages and the shadow report the same. So here I find myself reading copious amounts of texts, all of which is throughly engaging. What I am learning is that International Law and Human rights whilst very exciting and passion driven, is also very technical and involves a great deal of technicality and reading.

However there is a great sense of solidarity between all the staff here, working towards the common goal of women’s rights. We usually walk down to a hawker stall to buy lunch and sit at a round table at the office. Shanti Dhairiam,the founder of IWRAW finished a meeting and joined us for lunch. Now Shanti has been very influential within the CEDAW and United Nations framework. She was recently appointed by the UN as one of three experts to lead an inquiry into the Israel’s navy’s response to the Flotila that saught to block aid in Gaza this year. She has also been recently on the actual committee of CEDAW at the United Nations and has been appointed by many other UN agencies. She has also been a rapporteur for the CEDAW. Pretty impresive and yet she remains so humble and down to earth. It really makes all the reading and paper work worth it when you get to glean knowledge from someone who has had so much experience and has directly impacted the lives of literally millions!

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