Posted by: srari1 | December 15, 2010

one moment, please

By Sayomi Ariyawansa

I don’t even know if this is the correct forum to write about this. But after spending a little over a week at Human Rights First doing research about the conditions in countries like Yemen, Russia and Nepal, I cannot bypass what is happening in my own.

Tragically, a boat carrying about seventy asylum seekers – men, women and children – was dashed upon the rocks surrounding Christmas Island. With sharp cliffs and terrible pounding waves, many people simply had no chance at all.

Somehow I, and I suspect nearly all of you reading this blog, won the lottery that allowed us to live without fear of persecution on grounds of our race, religion, political opinion, nationality or membership in a particular social group. We weren’t entitled to, but we did.

If we hadn’t won – what would we have done? Where would we be right now?

It is my hope that we, the media and our leaders will consider these tragic events with compassion and with empathy. My thoughts are with those who didn’t survive, and with those who will now have to live without their loved ones.

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