Posted by: "Per Ardua Ad Astra" | December 29, 2010

The Operational Planning Meeting (OPM)

By Sarah-Mae Thomas

The Operational Planning Meeting (OPM)
28th- 30th December 2010
Regency Pacific Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Once a year the entire organization gets together to prepare the entire plan for the coming year and list out all the priority activities. So for three days, all the departments, including the admin and finance staff gather together to discuss figures, proposals and plans. It also gives Shanti, the founder and the Executive director, to critically analyze all the various things that the upcoming year will entail.

This year we are all staying in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a stone’s throw from the KL twin towers.
My role is really to document key decisions and to edit the documents which require amendments.
So, after a month in Kuala Lumpur, I finally get to check out the restaurants, cafes and nightlife here.

All the staff work till around 6pm and we head off to sample some some Malaysian cuisine- Nasi Lemak(traditional Malaysian rice) and Beef Rendang curry.

Something that has become apparent to me is that an organisation like IWRAW-AP needs the funding from organisations like UNIFEM and the Ford Foundation however with funding comes a lot of demands and conditions attached. That is something that I think many NGO’s experience.

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