Posted by: kelseypaske | December 13, 2013

India we meet again

What to say about beautiful India? Well to begin with, I was both overwhelmed to be returning to India and thrilled to revisit a place of such beauty and energy. India and I have a rich past, but I am thrilled to be here again, amongst the vibrancy and colour.


I had a rocky few days to begin with. Of course living in another country takes time. But I do want to mention how touched I have been at the sheer kindness and generosity of those I have encountered so far, whether they be Indian, Swedish, American or Australian. In fact, I fear that I will not have enough time to accept all the dinner invitations I have received in the past week. Oh the food! To discuss the incredible food and do it justice, would require a blog of its own.


I was so thrilled to be working in an office dedicated to practicing human rights law. After only a few hours in the Lawyers Collective office I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. I wanted to study law because I was driven by the concept of justice, which at times is not always found in the law. Justice lives and breathes in the Lawyers Collective, where Anand Grover, the current UNSR on the Right to Health leads a team of dedicated and inspiring lawyers who persist to ensure justice for the most vulnerable; women, sex workers, securing access to medicines, those living with HIV and of course advocating on the right to health for all.


What I have learnt so far is the dedication to equality. The law often benefits those who have greater resource to utilise it. Mr Grover and the Lawyers Collective staff devote their days to ensuring those most vulnerable and stigmatized have access to justice. To say that this work is inspiring, is an understatement. It is rejuvenating to be in an office where human rights and dignity are at the forefront of work. As the late and courageous Nelson Mandela said ‘to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.’

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