Posted by: lauraannwilson | January 22, 2015

Geneva arrival

Cold Geneva

I arrived in Geneva yesterday afternoon. Flying in, the view of the snow capped mountains was delightful! The cold is a shock to my system, having left Australia on a 39 degree day!

What an amazing time to be here. The World Economic Forum is underway at Davos, and LGBTI issues are on the agenda for the first time. This will be a very interesting space to watch. I was also interested to see the posters on preventing human trafficking in Geneva on the Geneva trams.

Prior to arriving in Geneva, I was in Dubai. An interesting observation – the Gulf News on 19 January 2015 featured an article on Australia’s detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island. The article contained commentary regarding detainees hunger strikes, desire to donate organ to other asylum seekers, and sewn lips. Australia’s human rights record regarding asylum seekers is clearing receiving media attention in the Emirates.

My first day at UNHRC is tomorrow. I look forward to sharing with you, dear reader, how it goes!

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