Posted by: lauraannwilson | January 31, 2015

End of Week 1: Wrap Up


It has been a very busy week here at the Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva. A brief summary of the work that we have been doing:

  • 21st Session of the Universal Periodic Review (19 January – 30 January 2015): Today is the last day of the UPR. Australia attended the Reviews, and made Statements. This evening (30 January at 5pm Geneva time), the final session – Adoption of the Report on Kuwait and Guyana.
  • Human Rights Council (2 March – 30 March 2015): Early preparations are underway for the HRC sessions. A very busy period for the Mission.
  • UN meetings: This week I have attended several UN meetings at the UN Office in Geneva, including: Status of the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous People, Informal Consultation on a Draft UN Declaration on the Right to Peace, and various stakeholder meetings.
  • UN side events: This week I have attended several side events, including today ‘An Afternoon of Digital Diplomacy’ (live link to New York UN Office).

I am looking forward to new experiences and challenges in week 2. I am also looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments, dear reader!

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