Posted by: lauraannwilson | February 14, 2015

Week 3 Wrap Up: JUSCANZ Group meetings, briefings, Human Rights Council session preparations


The end of another incredible week. I had the privilege of attending meetings of the JUSCANZ core group. JUSCANZ is a group of States, including the US, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Andorra, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway and San Marino. It is a regional grouping of States to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Australia chairs meetings of the core group. The purpose of these meetings was discussion in preparation for the 28th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (2 – 27 March 2015).

I also attended briefings regarding various countries, and engaged in a variety of work in preparation for the 28th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

My diary for next week is incredible. I am attending a high level conference on the 18th International Meeting of Mine Action, and meetings of the 60th Session of the Committee of the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. I look forward to blogging on these experiences, and receiving your feedback.

Thank you to the readers who have contacted me privately to provide feedback on my blogs, and to readers who have commented on my blog pages and those who have shared the blogs on Facebook. Keep your comments coming!


  1. I’m embarrassed that I have to ask, but – Andora?

    • Hi Mrodgers no shame – Andorra is a small land locked European State between Spain and France.

  2. Thanks for reading my posts Mrodgers!

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