Posted by: Katharine Brown | February 22, 2015

Waiting for Fahd

In this blog post, I wanted to share the story of Fahd Ghazy. Fahd is a CCR client who was taken from his hometown and detained in Guantanamo at the age of 17. He is now 30 and continues to languish there, despite the fact he has never been charged or tried of any criminal offence. In fact, Fahd has been cleared for release twice — once by President Bush, and again by President Obama. This means that the United States Government has determined that Fahd’s release would not pose a security risk. Like so many other Yemeni nationals though, Fahd’s clearances have not translated into transfer back to Yemen, or another third country.

Amidst a recent flurry of transfers ordered by President Obama, CCR released a short film that tells the human story behind Fahd’s detention. The film, Waiting for Fahd, is a series of interviews with Fahd’s family, who have spent over twelve years waiting for his release.

Speaking to people about Guantanamo issues, both in Australia and America, the most striking thing I notice is that almost everyone believes the men detained in the prison are convicted terrorists. This video, like all of CCR’s Gitmo work, aims to challenge that dominant narrative and provide a Guantanamo story that people can connect with.

Guantanamo is an outrageous stain on America’s human rights record. That a Government deliberately detained people in what they believed to be a legal black hole, tortured many of those people and even now continues to detain many of them without charge defies belief. The gravity of the abuse is impossible to put into words. Hopefully this film captures at least one aspect of it. It can be watched here:


  1. Very interesting post Katharine! If you have not read it yet, read Dan Mori’s ‘In the Company of Cowards’. It may be of interest given the work that you are doing.

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